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Developing cool stuff

A lab focused on developing products that explore and push ideas in the crypto world.
Building the future of human freedom and coordination.



    At 1BL, we eat, sleep and dream crypto. We invest, we build and we also help companies recruit the best talent. Whether you need a Solidity developer, a product manager or someone to help you grow your community, we speak your language. After all, why rely on a recruiter who spent two hours reading blockchain for dummies when you can have a specialist that intimately understands who you need and can help you find, evaluate and deliver the right talent?

    We focus on recruiting across all disciplines within DeFi, GameFi/Metaverse Projects, L1 and L2 solutions across all blockchains, NFTs and more.

      DAO legal consultancy

      • Incorporation
      • Full analysis of legal challenges and recommendations
      • DAO Architecture planning
      • Own physical assets with a DAO.

      Gaming assets NFT

      • Data analytics on P2E games to increase profits
      • Information hub for P2E and crypto gaming world
      • SDK for NFT and POAP asset generation ingame

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